InOro’s vision of beauty is based on respect for nature, others, us and our skin.
Our cosmetics are unique due to the quality and quantity of the ingredients.

Juicy and fragrant citrus fruits are born and naturally grown under the Mediterranean’s golden sun. These pure active fruit extracts are at the heart of InOro products where they have been added at high concentrations.




The entire formula of our products is made up of active ingredients.

We do not use normal water to produce them: the aqueous part of our formula consists entirely of citrus extracts, CytoFruit® BIO99 Lemon Water, obtained from 100% organic citrus not intended for the food trade.

InOro is a concentrate of vitality, resulting in a toned, smooth, compact, young and naturally radiant skin, an InOro skin.

InOro products are suitable for every skin type, even the most sensitive, because they are dermatologically tested on sensitive skin at the University of Ferrara.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe is a perennial plant from the Liliaceae family, to which more than 200 species belong, mainly from Africa. It is used to treat burns, grazes, scars, sunburn and sun erythema, and dry, reddened and cracked skin.
A great deal of research has been carried out on the use of aloe in dermatology, due to its excellent soothing, anti-reddening and moisturising properties.
It also has antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal properties.


Lemon water is obtained from organic and high-quality lemons from southern Italy, an extract rich in active substances and trace elements characteristic of the fruit, such as magnesium, iron and zinc.

The extraction process of this ingredient involves only soft physical methods which, by preserving 100% the chemical substances of the lemon, allow to obtain very concentrated cosmetics of active ingredients.

After squeezing the fruit, in fact, the collected juices are concentrated under vacuum with moderate heating; the waters that evaporate during this process are then condensed through a cooling system: as a consequence they are enriched with beneficial aromatic components which, otherwise, would be wasted.

Finally, reverse osmosis performed with paper filters allows you to separate different products characterized by different concentrations of specific substances: each of these by-products will find a different field of industrial application rather than simply being disposed of, thus generating a circular production cycle.

The lemon water thus obtained and used in the formulations is configured as a sustainable alternative, replacing water as the first ingredient in the INCI list and also contributes to the overall effectiveness of the cosmetic product providing benefits for the skin. In fact, today’s society is increasingly attentive to the issue of sustainability: there is a need to reduce the consumption of water associated with the formulation, thus producing “water-free” cosmetics; at the same time, another trend is to use fewer and fewer ingredients, thus eliminating the “unnecessary” ones for the purposes of the formulation process. In this sense, the aqueous lemon extract is the ideal ingredient as it allows the formulation of more sustainable cosmetics that make use of lower levels of “traditional water”.

Today it is possible to formulate products that are effective and aesthetically pleasing using ingredients from botanical by-products that would otherwise be wasted; these formulas reflect the emerging concepts of “water less” and “less is more”: water as such is not used in the formulation and only the strictly necessary ingredients are used. Lemon water therefore allows formulators to meet these needs without compromising on the effectiveness and aesthetics of finished products: a perfect combination of nature, goodness, science and circular economy.

Moving on to the cosmetic properties of lemon water, since the living cells of the fruit in question have a composition very similar to the cells of the epidermis, the active substances extracted from them act as valuable ingredients for the skin. In fact, lemon water, biologically active and obtained from organic fruit, is able to regulate cellular homeostasis: constituting a balanced environment, it allows the epidermal cells to maintain hydration and ensure that the skin remains young as long as possible.

The benefits that the skin can obtain from the use of this ingredient are many: effectiveness tests show that lemon water is better than distilled water in terms of cellular vitality, protection against external aggressions such as UVA and UVB rays. , oxidations and pollution, modulation of inflammation triggered by endogenous chemical processes.

Tested CytoFruit® Waters showed active performances on:

  • LIFE

Higher cellular vitality than distilled water, probably because of their mineral composition that limits the osmotic phenomena and in general contributes more effectively to achieve cellular homeostasis.

  • PROTECTION–      Better resistance of the cell cultures to the damages induced by the external stressors, such as pollution, heavy metals – Cr, Fe, Pb (+ 8,8%).–      oxidizing agent H2O2   (+ 7,3%)

    –      UV radiation UVA +  UVB (+ 1,8%)

Modulation of pro-inflammatory mediator TNF- α for higher physiological protection versus chemical agent. (- 6% after 3h).

Thanks to these properties, this precious ingredient is mainly used in anti-aging products: aging is thus counteracted both from the outside, protecting the skin from oxidation and pollution, and from the inside by decreasing the stress induced by inflammatory processes.

In summary, the characteristics that make lemon water a sustainable ingredient for the environment and effective on the skin are:

• 100% biologically active water obtained from organic fruit;

• fully traceable Mediterranean origin;

• physical methods of “soft” extraction with full protection of the original active components;

• regulation of cellular homeostasis thanks to the presence of trace elements;

• protection of skin cells against environmental stress;

• modulation of inflammation;

• safety and skin compatibility;

• absence of allergens

For all these reasons, the InOro line celebrates Mediterranean lemon water by positioning it as the first ingredient in all references (INCI name: Citrus limon fluid extract). All formulated products are therefore suitable for sensitive skin, highly dermo-compatible since at the base there is respect for the skin and for nature, able to bring benefits to the skin that result in more toned, smoother, compact, young and radiant skin. Finally, to integrate the antioxidant, moisturizing and regenerating capacities of citrus fruits, there are precious natural extracts such as calendula, with well-known anti-inflammatory properties, highly restorative and protective almond and olive oil, aloe vera, moisturizing and soothing, Sicilian fig as powerful antioxidant and orange blossom.


Personal Care Europe, “Science meets sustainability and the circular economy”, A. Maltagliati, 2019.

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