Make it receptive.

We know the qualities of healthy food and how it affects the overall health of our body, and we know that physical activity improves the performance of our whole body and metabolism. We also know a healthy meditation practice affects our mental and physical fitness.

What we probably do not know is that whatever effort we make during our gym or yoga hour, or choosing the right food in front of the refrigerator counter, is not enough to “nourish” ourselves in the right way.

The hard part comes after we have done our shopping, after we have rolled up our mat to put it back in its place, that is the moment of truth, how mindful are we actually in the hours leading up to our next session?


The right questions lead to answers that grow

Which awareness do I carry within me in the moment when I feed myself with carefully chosen food? 

Which awareness do I carry within me in the moment when, after my morning yoga session, I throw myself into work constantly sensing the perfect alignment of my spine?

This long foreword is meant to lead you right into the choice of mindful living through your every daily act.

Beauty routine and the deeper meaning it can have for you

What is one of the best moments of the day if not when we prepare to face it or when we carve out our time to shake off the tensions accumulated during the day?

We can always find fifteen minutes to devote to self-care through a mindful morning routine or night routine. We can get up earlier in the morning or carve out our fifteen minutes in the evening, after dinner, when everyone is asleep. 

You probably already have these moments planned out for you and try to enjoy them to the fullest but think-what if you could make taking care of yourself even better?

InOro research is founded on principles of innovation that have respect for people and the environment at their core. The care we put into the production of cosmetics requires your involvement: we want you to fully enjoy their qualities, perceiving their value day after day.

A practice that changes your skin (and life)

Every morning and evening during your routine, we suggest a little practice you can do to prepare your skin to receive the treatments you are giving it: your skin is the most extensive organ of communication with the outside world.

Start even before you open your bathroom door by closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and activating your creativity. Imagine you are about to enter a luxury super spa, light a scented candle, close your eyes and sense the fragrance. 

During these minutes, breathe deeply and relax, but above all relax your skin, make sure it is really ready to receive your day or night cream, your serum, your eye contour. Apply your treatments with your eyes closed, letting your instincts guide you. 

When you’re done, breathe deeply and open your eyes again. Smile!

Tell us about your experience and receive a gift

We have a special giveaway for those who write to us telling us about their experience at and we will give it to those who visit us at the Fair “Fa la cosa giusta 2023” – HALL 4 – STAND DB8 from March 24-26, 2023.

We will gift you exclusive access to a short guided meditation, which will accompany you in this new conscious routine of yours.

We look forward to seeing you at the Fair!


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