Why does InOro donate 5% of its profits to the Self-Realization Fellowship, a purely spiritual organization? 

The answer is linked to the figure of Paramahansa Yogananda, its founder, and to the meaning of his work.

This Indian teacher and mystic is widely recognized as the “father of yoga” in the West. Paramahansa Yogananda lived in the United States from 1920 to 1952, the year of his death, and has the merit of having made known the ancient science of Kriya Yoga all over the world. 

His work and teachings continue to be disseminated by Self-Realization Fellowship, the organization he founded in Los Angeles in 1920. Author of the famous “Autobiography of a Yogi” (translated into more than 50 languages) and numerous other books , he has contributed with his teachings to the moral and spiritual elevation of countless truth seekers throughout the world.

In his many writings, Paramahansa Yogananda has not only rediscovered the ancient science of yoga, but has also explored a large number of practical themes for our life, providing insights into the art of living in harmony with nature, appropriate diets, recipes for skin care and general information for a correct psycho-physical well-being.

A healthy and balanced body is the important basis for the development of the mind and spirit. “Body, mind and spirit“, he said, “are dependent on each other; if one of them is in disorder, the other two will suffer as well. ” For this reason, he recommended a life in the open air as much as possible, yoga breathing exercises, walks in the midst of nature and abundant sunbathing at the appropriate times of the day.

The InOro project was born thanks to formulations of natural cosmetics, coming from the ancient East, and rediscovered by Paramahansa Yogananda. These recipes provided the inspiration to develop InOro’s entire line of cosmetic products that are based on natural sun-ripened ingredients, loaded with that prana, that vital force that Yogananda said was essential for the well-being of the body. 

InOro products preserve this beneficial vitality which benefits not only the skin, but consequently the entire body, allowing a harmonious development of the mind as well, placing our deepest being in tune with the nature that surrounds us.

Over the course of more than a century of life, Self-Realization Fellowship has established more than 600 yoga meditation centers around the world. In Italy it is present with 70 centers spread over the entire territory. InOro donates 5% of its sales to Self-Realization Fellowship to help its development and expansion both in Italy and in the rest of the world.

Dott.ssa G. Galeani 


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