The skin, like the peel of a fruit, in addition to protecting the integrity of the tissues it covers (barrier function), maintains hydration, manages the processes of self-repair and regeneration, and produces neuromediators, playing an important collaborative role with the nervous system and constituting with it a single, closely related entity.

The skin therefore often represents an external projection of a person’s deep psychic and physical configuration, and for this reason it is a prime target of stress, a situation that goes on to alter the delicate balance of protective agents and neurotransmitters at play in the skin structures, causing inappropriate reactions that vary from person to person. Usually the main signs are related to imbalances in secretions, increased seborrhea (acne), rosacea, hypersensitivity, xerosis (extreme dryness) and eczema. Hence the importance of “integral cosmetics,” closely related to PNEI, PsychoNeuroEndocrineImmunology, the science that investigates the relationships between the psyche and the nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

Neurocosmetics, what is it?

Neurocosmetics, a branch of modern cosmetology research, was first defined at the annual meeting of the North American Society of Cosmetic Chemists in 2007, and is an innovative science that has enabled a more comprehensive approach to beauty skincare; in fact, thanks to the careful study in the selection and use of certain substances and cosmetic formulations, Neurocosmetics were born, so defined because they contain molecules that are structurally similar to or capable of activating or inhibiting cutaneous neuromediators and thus capable of transcending the epidermal stratum corneum and influencing the specific structures of the peripheral nervous system, the site of perception of external impulses.

To take care of our skin, thus protecting and improving it, specific well-formulated products are necessary, first and foremost. In addition, to amplify the results, it is good to directly and indirectly stimulate the connection between the skin and the brain, so as to send proactive messages and intervene by counteracting the levels of cortisol or stress hormone, which by lowering the skin’s defenses, exposes it to inflammation, redness, hypersensitivity and the signs of aging.

What does neurocosmetics study?

Neurocosmetics studies how the application of cosmetic products can influence skin physiology and highlights not only the importance of the functional and innovative active ingredients contained in our cosmetic, as well as its texture, its fragrance, but also that which assumes the simple contact of the hands on the skin then the massage of the product, which constitutes a real beneficial and energetic stimulus that encourages the body in its proper functioning and to receive the “message” of relaxation.

In fact, the synergy created by the combination of product massage, thus the tactile sensation, and aromatic fragrance, as well as olfactory stimulation, activates euphorizing and stress-relieving endorphins to induce a signal of satisfaction and well-being that, through various stages reaches the cerebral cortex, which in turn, as a feedback mechanism, will send to the receptors of the skin cells the positive response that will make the skin much more receptive to the benefits of the various treatments.

Many scientific researches have described the potential of certain natural substances in influencing the limbic area of the brain and stimulating the secretion of endorphin substances, also known as endocannabinoids, which can biochemically regulate mood. Among them, a great many plant extracts from medicinal plants have been shown to be a natural but effective stress-relieving support, such as the stimulating and energizing activity carried out by Lemon (Citrus limon), the sedative and relaxing activity carried out by Lavender.

The products of neurocosmetics

The conscientious and innovative research of INORO Cosmetics, has carefully designed all its cosmetics through the study of sensory analysis, developing highly dermocompatible cosmetics, based and concentrated in active plant extracts, such as Cytofruit Water Lemon Bio, and enhanced in a neurocosmetic sense by replacing classic petrochemical-derived molecules with the SensactiveVeg plant complex: thus obtaining products that are “active” not only on the skin, but also on the mind.

SensactiveVeg is an all plant-derived multifunctional active, composed of phytosterols, polar lipids, triacylglycerols and plant fatty alcohols, derived from Murumuru Butter and Cupuaçu Butter.

This active complex gives a comfortable silky, velvety feel on the skin (silicon-like effect), as well as increasing the production of molecules associated with well-being and pleasure such as beta-endorphins and enkephalins by stimulating the brain-skin nerve connection, which results in increased synthesis of molecules involved in epidermal cellular homeostasis. SensactiveVeg also increases skin radiance, and is extremely suitable for devitalized and sensitive skin.

Test results using SensactiveVeg

SensactiveVeg also was clinically evaluated in a group of 60 female volunteers aged 25 to 50 years with normal to dry skin. The group was given two lotions, one plecebo to be used for seven days and another formulation with 2 percent Sensactive Veg, for another seven days. The samples were randomized and each volunteer was asked about their preferences according to parameters such as moisturizing sensation, softness sensation, purchase intention, and preferred product.

SensactiveVeg presented excellent skin compatibility and was chosen in all criteria evaluated.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of a neurocosmetic product or treatment derives from the use of formulations that act directly on the somatosensory nervous system of the skin, modulating chemical mediators involved in aging processes or in controlling skin hyper-reactivity.

Therefore, it is important to take care of one’s self by choosing the cosmetic that takes care of the skin and its close connection with mood, for an all-around feeling of well-being, remembering that even the simple act of applying a good cosmetic can alleviate stress-related imperfections: thanks to the combination of the right actives to a good skin feel.

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