Our olfactory memory helps us to choose or compose the right fragrance for every occasion.

Close your eyes and think deeply about the scent of your favorite cake, the smell of the house of your childhood, the smell of your grandmother’s dress or of the skin of someone special. Have you traveled through time and memories?

This is the charm of perfume and its evocative power that stimulate the memory as in a déjà vu. A scent can recall your most remote sensations and memories, it is able to tell stories of characters, places, events, feelings..

Communication is by definition multi-sensory: a fragrance, intense or subtle, suggestive or relaxing, is the best tool to imprint on your memory, to project an atmosphere, to arouse desires.

This is where my idea of ​​custom-made perfume, both to wear and for the environment, comes from. I use to call the study of the perfect room fragrance “olfactory stenographies“: creating a space that is comfortable and at the same time stimulating, which reflects the needs of the individual.

Like each person, so each home, office, environment designed for work, sport, entertainment or relaxation and treatment, rest or meditation can have its own characteristic, right fragrance. The important thing is to build it or choose it in the right way.

A shop, a hotel, an exhibition, a restaurant are perceived through touch, hearing, sight, but the first sense to  judge them is the sense of smell. It is a sense with a long memory: nobody forgets a pleasant experience, an impression of well-being and pleasure. Living, working, studying, resting, relaxing are essential activities in everyone’s life: these actions can be better if you live them with the right essence.

The smell of basil gives a positive feeling of sympathy and is used to calm moods. Tonic for the mind, it helps to clarify and fight sadness. Diffused in the air, it is excellent for maintaining a positive attitude to life.
The mint scent is an excellent purifier of the environment against negativity, opens up dialogue and calms conflicts.

A blend of basil and mint is therefore perfect for offices and the living area of the house and all those places where you spend time in solitude to use your mind and together for teamwork and collaborations, where you want to live in peace.

Or we can choose a citrus fruit with a rich, multifaceted, full, aristocratic scent: the Calabrian bergamot.

One of the main fresh and tonic notes of Cologne, the essential oil of bergamot has antiseptic properties, but also calms the soul, relieves depression and anxiety, giving joy and sedation, optimism and relaxation.
It is therefore excellent as a welcome scent and in areas where you want to work together in harmony, as it creates an overall optimistic and serene atmosphere, induces a vital and relaxed mood and radiates pleasure.

We can also choose hesperidic notes to wear: citrus fruits are often mixed with aromatic or green or marine notes, underlining their clean, fresh, sporty, casual summery facet. They are ok for energetic, spontaneous and cool personalities.

On the other hand, flowery perfumes are characterized by compositions of single flowers, “soliflore”, or “bouquets”, and are romantic, feminine, classic. When flowers are mixed with

fruity notes, they get a childish and playful sense, more sparkling, for the day.

To create an exclusive and sartorial fragrance that speaks about your spaces or yourself, you need to ask yourself many questions, analyze and deepen every sensation, even apparently hidden.

Because every olfactory note of the perfume you choose reveals some of your facets.

Each perfume is a journey, through memories and emotions. And it is from here, from the sensations experienced and lovingly kept in one’s imagination, from the places visited, from the cultures encountered, from the landscapes, from the people found along one’s path, that we will draw the inspiration for our right choice.

It is essential to choose the right perfumes to wear or diffuse in our spaces because they tell about us, about our personality.

Talking about yourself without words, just leaving that loving sillage that will arrive before us every time.


Claudia Scattolini, farmacist specialized in Perfumery at Guerlain’s school ISIPCA (France). Founder of the company Fragrance Designer.

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