In the Universe, everything is Energy in motion, whether in a more subtle form, such as thoughts, which are not perceptible through the senses but no less present, or in a denser form, such as the planets, which revolve suspended in the void around the invisible (quoting Battiato), in perpetual motion.

Of the things that are part of our existence, many we have experienced through the sense organs, which allow us to know and recognize the energy that surrounds us. 

The skin, enveloping our body, allows us to receive from the outside an infinity of information, first of all, the perception of our physical boundaries.

This delimitation is far from trivial. It has captured our attention from birth and throughout childhood, allowing us to know the world and retrace from gestation, the evolutionary phases of life on earth.

What differentiated early life forms from the primordial soup in which they were transported?

An outer membrane, which in the evolutionary path of millennia, would become the skin!

Through the skin, therefore, we observe a very first manifestation of individuality, which is immediately followed by the need for communication and exchange with the outside: an entrance for nutrients is needed, without which the cell would undergo decay and an exit for waste substances, which would otherwise poison the organism.

From here, the evolution begins! The cells began to unite in small groups to increase the chances of survival. Each became useful by specializing in the performance of a specific function. It took millennia before we saw the appearance of more complex existences, equipped with organs and systems.

We are small worlds in motion, of which the body is the only visible part. Every cell in our body performs a function and collaborates with millions of other cells to create a single being with a

consciousness capable of relating body, mind and emotions!

Ayurvedic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine have always considered the human being in its entirety

Health was to be found in a state of harmony between body, mind and emotions, different for each individual. 

What unites every living being? 

Relationships, exchange: receiving and giving, inhaling and exhaling.

Ancient Medicines knew that exchange is what defines life: from tiny cells to humans to stars, because everything is the result of a single energy in motion.

Traditional Chinese Medicine places the skin within the Metal Functional Orbit (in all there are five: Earth, Fire, Water, Wood and Metal) together with the Lungs and Large Intestine with which it has a strong synergistic relationship. These three organs are responsible for exchanging nutrients and information with the outside world and for the disposal of toxic substances.

What to do in practice so that our body is healthy and harmonious?

Learn to take care of it.

Just as we pay attention to nutrition so that it is as balanced and healthy as possible, equally important is the care that the skin deserves to receive, through proper cleansing, hydration and nourishment.

Having Care is also the key principle of the Orbit of the Metal: if the organs of our body were a clan, in which each has its function, this group would be entrusted with the task of “Protection of the Nest”, which guarantees the group survival through the care (nourishment and cleansing) of the offspring.

The Emotion associated with Metal is Sadness in a conception that for Westerners is similar to that of Reflection, as an introspective capacity to know how to take care of oneself and others.

And you, how do you take care of yourself?

Just a few simple steps:

  1. Define your boundaries: the physical, emotional, and mental space you need and commit to communicating it lovingly. In this way, you will help others to respect you and to recognize their spaces and honour them.
  2. Define your time: learn to dedicate small moments of pleasure during the day.

Even spreading a face cream or body oil after showering, can become a precious moment of intimacy. It is the way we make certain gestures and the attention we devote to making them special.

All activities in contact with nature and sports activities reconnect us with our body.

  1. Once you have established your space and your boundaries, you can dedicate yourself to… to cleaning! Just as we keep our body and the environment in which we live clean, it is useful to learn to pay attention to the quality and cleanliness of our thoughts, so that they produce emotions that bring harmony and health to the body and mind.

Trying to engage in even one of these activities will generate a new habit. Over time you will live with greater satisfaction and joy, with the benefit also of those close to you, because we are all connected.

Author of the article:

Valeria Billi

Teacher of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, Pilates and Postural Gymnastics

FB: Trilly Valeria Billi e La Casa del Ben-Essere

IG: trillybilli86


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