The ancient science of Yoga still gives us that practical knowledge from beyond  time, to achieve states of happiness and inner well-being. It offers us a wide range of theoretical and philosophical concepts, to fill the existential void that  contemporary life seems to have rooted in the human soul.  

According to Eastern disciplines, the main purpose of life is to understand who we  really are. Yoga helps us, through its practice, to reconnect our Self with the  soul, which is a manifestation of the spark of the Divine, in the human being. 

The practice of transcendental meditation has today become an essential tool to  reach a deep state of mental peace, which is reflected on the health of our  psyche-soma unity. 

Recent studies have shown the effectiveness of meditation in  initiating a process of cellular rejuvenation, improving intellectual capacity and  increasing the vitality of the functioning of the organs. 

Super-foods, special natural extracts and lifestyle can help us, but when combined  with regular practice of meditation, it has been found to be an important Anti Aging medicine. 

Experimental studies on Anti-Aging promoted by transcendental meditation have shown, according to clinical analysis, how it affects the cell to cell signaling and interactions, cell death and survival (regeneration of the  morphological tissue). 

The biometric analyses have shown that transcendental meditation creates more benefits than just maintaining a general state of good  health. 

Our society today tends to reinforce the emotion of fear, by promoting a change in  lifestyle habits that lead to well-being. It has been scientifically demonstrated how  fear has a negative impact on our physical and mental health. 

Fear usually helps in the short term to change our lifestyle, but then we fall back into automatic mechanisms, dictated by our habits rooted in the subconscious.  

The science of Yoga, shows us that the scientific process of internalizing and  synchronizing our own energy and consciousness with the omnipresent Cosmic Vibrational Energy, helps us to achieve deep changes towards the  process of healing and cellular regeneration. 

Even simple but effective exercises, which are based on learning the science of  relaxation, are able to regenerate the cells of our skin and internal organs such  as the heart and lungs, that are constantly working. Contracting at will, various muscular parts of the body, helps to direct the vital energy in that specific area, by  making it vibrate for a few seconds and then relaxing. 

This activates a revitalizing  process, which is perceived as a soothing tingling sensation. The exercise can be repeated 3 to 5 times in a row, whenever you feel the need to reactivate specific areas of the body. 

The skin, as a protective organ, reflects the state of health of our internal organs,  and psycho-emotional states. It receives from this technique of recharging a great  benefit of rejuvenation. 

The emotions of irritability, nervousness and chronic stress that can show on our skin, can disappear through specific breathing techniques by activating Prana (vital energy). 

When we feel tired and fatigued,  we can overcome this by breathing in the open air – inhaling and exhaling in a very slow, deep and relaxed way for 10-15 minutes

If we need more energy,  this exercise can be repeated every hour by inhaling and exhaling deeply for 5  minutes in the fresh air. By doing so, we can recharge, expel toxins, and increase  oxygenation. This exercise allows the organs and skin to regenerate and  stretch skin tissues. 

Thus, the Anti-Aging methods, taught to us by the science of Yoga, can be an  integral part of our day. Even a few minutes a day of their practices can bring great  benefit to us. 


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Esther Laura Quarta Chatterjee 

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