Have you ever wondered how a cosmetic product is created? Who is behind the concept and formulation and what inspires it?
We asked Dr Paola Ziosi, R&D manager of AmbrosiaLab, an accredited spin-off of the University of Ferrara (Italy), which formulated the InOro products.
AmbrosiaLab is a cosmetics research and development company, founded in 2003 by Prof. Stefano Manfredini and Prof. Silvia Vertuani of the University of Ferrara. Its peculiarity lies in the effective interchange between applied research activities, carried out at the company’s laboratory, and fundamental research activities carried out at the University, which acts as a driving force for technological innovation.

Dr Ziosi, what drove you in the choice of actives and the creation of the formulas?

“In developing the formulas, we started from the Inoro team’s desire to recover ancient cosmetic recipes from the Indian tradition, which based their effectiveness on the combination of olive oil and lemon juice.
The idea of the ancient formulas has been revised by AmbrosiaLab in a “modern key” following the results of research carried out in recent years, applying a new approach to high quality raw materials available on the cosmetics market and conveying high concentrations of selected active ingredients with natural or naturally derived excipients to obtain effective, safe and sustainable formulas.
“InOro products,” she continues, “stand out in the cosmetics market because they have a number of special features, including being designed to meet the requirements of naturalness and dermo-compatibility without compromising in any way the sensory qualities and effectiveness of the product.”

What are the special features that make InOro products so distinctive?

“A special feature is that all the watery part of the product has been replaced with Bio citrus water, furthermore the formulas have been enriched with high concentrations of vegetable oils and butters trying, through formulation strategies, not to affect the stability and texture of the product. There has also been careful research into fragrances, selected for their pleasantness and tolerability even on sensitive skin.
In addition, with regard to effectiveness, one of the products in the range, Post Epil Fluid, has been tested in vitro on dermal papilla fibroblasts and has been shown to delay hair growth,  thanks to its ability to form a protective film and to a synergy of active ingredients.
InOro products are therefore based on tradition and ancient recipes but have been revisited and reformulated in a modern key with a specific sensitivity towards people and the environment.
The most representative ingredient, which totally replaces the aqueous part of the formulations, is an organic citrus extract, obtained from the non-edible fraction of the fruit”.

Doctor, can you explain more about the function of organic citrus fruit extract?

Bio citrus extract is rich in oligo elements and other active ingredients, and has a protective effect on the cellular system against oxidative processes such as sun radiation and pollution. Moreover, as it is allergen-free, it is indicated for use on sensitive skin.”

“Inoro products”, the doctor reassures us, “are not only a mix of effectiveness but also of tolerability. All the formulas in the InOro line have been designed to offer safety even for people with sensitive skin. At the end of development, the high tolerability of the products was verified by patch tests on pre-selected volunteers with sensitive skin.
Inoro has created its products with AmbrosiaLab, starting from a concrete story of development based on substance and transparency rather than on “strategies” and appearance, simple but not ordinary products in which all the elements have been designed to live in harmony with each other, with the skin and with the environment.”


 InOro Team

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